dinsdag 29 juni 2010


Well, hey! This is a bit awkward, me just leaving without a word and coming back now, without a very clear explanation. As my absence already revealed, I've been a very busy man (alright, not VERY very) and updating my blog hasn't really worked out the last couple of months. I did start to type out several posts, but none of them made it to the press. So let's see. How to keep this as short and fascinating as possible.

Quite alot has happened since my last post! Right now I am sitting in the Netherlands, living my old life again. How did I end up back in this country? I can't remember. Sorry.

With that out of the way, I'm back on track!

Oh wait, something just came back. Mostly my work. I believe I mentioned I started working for a cozy little fast food shack in Sweden. I continued that career line, up untill I was 'forced' to quit because of my return to ze Netherlands. Had alot of fun moments, which would've been hilarious if I typed them out. But I didn't. And now alot just have the 'you should've been there' feeling around them. Let me give you an example: This one time this guy like came back with his hamburger and he was all like 'there's too much salt on my burger' and we were like lol there's no salt on a burger. ...Yeah. The main thing I have learned from working at a place like that is that people are extremely rude to the staff there. Even the people that are probably very nice outside, turn into demons in front of the kassa that is going to provide them with their meal. It's a shocking observation, Discovery Channel worthy. So, if you're reading this: Next time if you're at a (fast food)restaurant, make sure to focus on being patient and nice. Even if the one helping you is being an ass. They are like that because their polite spirit has been chewed on and spit out by rude people who don't have feelings.

Aside from my work, there is ofcourse my beautiful Swedish bride that I left behind in Swedeland. We did this for completely alright reasons, and there was no fighting or drama involved. -NO DRAMA-. It's important that I say that a couple of times, because every time I tell someone about Lin and me breaking up, people flip the fuck out. Sometimes, even today, people split up without sueing eachother for a part of their baby. We needed to sort some things out for ourselves, since we've been together for a long time and thus didn''t really have a chance to do that. And there's alot to do when you're young. I guess, at least. Now that I'm supposedly single again, the only thing that's new is some cricket sound. No wait. Vuvuzela sound, at the moment. It's probably normal to feel like that after ending a period of action and joy and starting something new. In the end, we told eachother to just see how long we last and that there's no telling what the future brings. Expect us back together at the end of the month.

That's all for this time, I'll go think of more to write to conclude this blog once and for all. You'll read it all right here, on WUT!

zaterdag 2 januari 2010

Happy Newyear 2!

Looks like I already had that title in my blog, so I added a 2. Now it's unique!

Everyone got their best wishes and good deeds ready? I'm still thinking of my own. I wonder if this year is going to become drastic, or just a middle year. It will be one of the two, at least.

I also wonder what my friends in Holland are doing. Actually, I wonder that about everyone I like. The world is getting smaller and we get to meet great people from all over the world. But at times like Christmas and New Years, you taste how sour that can be. It makes one wish everyone just lived in one street, one city, or at least one country. It's not a matter of prioritising who you want to spend time with either, because sometimes one just doesn't have a choice.

I'm happy that I got to celebrate my New Years with some people dear to me, and I regret not celebrating it with the other ones. I wish this new year to be eventfull, with loads of experience to be gained. So bring on the fun and drama, as we claw our way to 2011!

donderdag 17 december 2009

Plans for the holidays

It hurts me to say it, but I wil not be able to make it 'home' during the holidays. This is however nothing that was forced upon me, but my own choice. I deemed it important to prioritise work here in Sweden, over going home to celebrate Christmas and Newyears with my own family and friends. This blows, ofcourse, but I can soothe myself with the thought that I can go to Holland some other time. And, perhaps, my family will make it to the high north next year! So, with that out of the way, it leaves Linda and me with a great obstacle: Make the holidays a blast over here.

This must be the first time that -I-, at least, am burdened with the task of having a party, for the first time. Linda I think has some experience with it. So, what does a New Years Eve have in stock? What are those special things that just create that atmosphere, and make everyone forget the fact they have to work the day afterwards (12:30 >.<). My primitive brain coughs up a few words; Alcohol. And games. Perhaps some more alcohol. Needless to say, my ideas are quite limited to hanging over the toilet the next day, and are hardly suitable for our current situation.

People are important too. Even though we lost several great friends to other parties, I think we will still be able to rally a small crowd of cool people. The more souls, the more joy after all (??). As it looks now, even Beldak (Fabian) from Holland will join us, and he will bring, perhaps the key to a magical evening, olliebollenmix. Then, we are hoping to recieve a certain Norwegian top chef amongst our numbers, who we can put to the task to make us a feast! Then I will perhaps have my way by purchasing a cheap, weak champagne and to set up a Gamecube for those interested (Several beverages might be added to just a bottle of champagne). I guess it is only fitting to somehow score something that can produce some nice quality music and we might be looking at all the ingredients of a sweet New Years Eve.

What do people who actually read this blog (all 3 of you) think? Any suggestions from veterans? What do you believe to be the key to instant access to awesome? If you can spare the time, please let me hear it in the comments!

Happy holidays!

Perhaps a bit too early, I know, but at least now I got that over with.

To me, December is a great month! It's cozy and jolly for those who worry not, hell for those who do nothing but stressing the fuck out. Thank god I belong to that first category, so I am pretty much okay. Alot of good things have found me in this month, actually. The most important one must be the fact that I am employed. I have a job! In Swedeland!

I am hired, part time, at a Swedish fast food restaurant. It's a bit like your average McDonalds/Burger King, but then (in my eyes) alot better. The work I do there is very manageable, and I noticed I face the most difficulties on the language front. Getting to work at this moment in my development to become a Swede feels once again like a dive into the deep area of the pool. The positive thing with those kind of actions is that you develop faster, and you are very much forced to do so. The negative thing, however, is that it takes alot from a person to do so. Surely, once in a while is healthy and gets you to places (Like another country), but I noticed that since I took that leap, I hardly did anything but taking those leaps. I feel that it is a thing that comes with migrating, though, and I pay not too much notice to it. But god, do I look forward to the moment I can actually swim and float in that goddamn pool.

Anyway, the job. It basically involves the usual tasks; Stand at the counter and take orders, or stand in the kitchen and prepare those orders. Besides that, each function comes with several side tasks. It's all hard in the beginning, because it is alot of information to swallow. Add to that that everything is in another language, and it becomes double the effort. I am very lucky with the people I get to work with, including my boss, however. They are all great people and very patient and nice to me. Sometimes I even wonder if I would be able to keep a straight face if I'd see myself. But, all together, this seems like a great job and I hope I will be able to hold onto it untill I can start my education here in Sweden. And maybe when I am very lucky, I can even work -next to- my study. But that is a question only time can answer!

Getting a job in Sweden: DONE.

woensdag 18 november 2009

Interview with the dutchman

Time has passed and work has set forth it's unstoppable goo of excitement. But it slimes in a good drection! Not long ago (I wouldn't laugh at you if you guessed yesterday), I actually went to a job interview. The place I go to in order to get help is actually helping me alot, and they had something I could apply for. I applied for the job right away, with a charming, poorly written, CV and letter (Which turned out to hardly matter in the end.).

The job was at a certain restaurant, btw, which I won't mention for "man finds mans blog" reasons. In professionalland, people don't like names to be thrown around on occasions like this, just as little as some people appreciate people throwing pictures of others on the intertubes. See it as a matter of respect.

Anyway, the day of the interview was horrible, since everything went wrong;

- Can't find your wallet, mp3 player, telephone or whatever else your standard gear involves.
- Have to take a shit the moment you step out of your front door, just in time to make you realise that you won't make a quick visit to the toilet, but that your interview is going to be uncomfortable.
- You mistime everything.
- The bus goes the wrong way and once you get out of the bus at the end station, because you fething hoped it would magically turn around and bring you to your location anyway, you find out that the path back to said location has no pedestrian lane, and that you're gonna have to risk death by carcrash or kneedeep mudswimming to get you to your destination.

Needless to say, I made it in time. Didn't even brake a sweat.

The interview went great. The one interviewing me did a great job at making me feel comfortable, and in the end we were having a conversation instead of an interview. I believe I asked him just as much as he asked me. We even talked about Zlatan! I will hear from them somewhere this week, and even if I'm not going to be the lucky one, I'm already satisfied with the experience. Last year I didn't speak a word of swedish; Now I just had a job interview without using a single english word.

Swedish job interview: DONE.

vrijdag 13 november 2009

Harry Potter and Spinoza

December is coming and with it, ofcourse, the hilarious Christmas stress. In a time of joy and warmth, it is sometimes hard to spot the love, because of all the people elbowing their way into a toystore. Even the kid that is just there to play with that old exibition Playstation is no longer safe. But alas, that pure comedy amongst grown ups and people who give a fuck in general, will not be kicking off untill quite some time.

The reason -I- stress is because of, suprise, work. Christmas is big business, so people need more job. So for those of you who work in the unemployement sector (haw-haw), it is high season. This is THE time to find a job. So. Yeah. That's what I'm mainly busy with. Getting a job, trying to understand how you pay a shirt and iron a bill. The normal things that noone ever blogs about.

So for your sake, neither will I. Instead... Oh! Lin and me have been to the library yesterday. I was aiming for books about filosofy. I had some of my favourite filosofers in mind, but sadly I wasnt able to locate a book of any of them. And filosofy can be such a trap. It is interesting in many ways, yet within it hides a slight taint of ultimate boringness. For example, if one is to wonder about "the reason of life and what our motivations behind all of our emotions are", you have my attention. Talking too much about "the question if the chair you are sitting on is actually there or not, and what proves it's existance besides your perception..." will not get you my attention. In the end, one can think just about anything and write an enormous book about it. I could, for example, write a thick book about the motives one can have for being interested in reading a thick book about the motives one can have for being interested for reading said book. Only the title would already score me a page.

The hunt for the books shall continue elsewhere and in the meantime I will start reading Harry Potter. I still haven't read the series (well, only the first book, but in the time when german tanks still passed our borders.) so I better get to reading. I dislike the films, so now I will have to read the books to be able to say that Harry Potter completely sucks. I hope it will, ofcourse, but I expect it to be awesome. Next weekend, Harry Potter dress up party at my place! I'll be Hermione again.

vrijdag 23 oktober 2009


Just found out that there's something that I'd be honoured to have in my blog... my own mother!

And not just a mere mother, I might add, but a true artist as she has always been. She's been my inspiration for all the creativity in my life, and I (and others) could only dream to get her work out of my hands.

Totally not full of myself (and family), I shall go on to brag about my sister, who is indeed also brilliant. She however, makes fantastic websites, from what I've seen. And I'm sure you can do the math. One plus one makes a fine 2, and behold the result!

LINK: http://www.ljroos.nl/

Do note that the site is not completely finished yet, as all material isn't on it now. But make sure to check for updates! Your opinions and feedback would be very appreciated!